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Paul Vancea

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me, and more important, your attitude and philosophy. 

Now, making multi-million dollars a year is suddenly a very realistic goal for me - this is my first step, and then I’m going for the billions! "

Jeffrey Sokol 

"Everything in the course is clear, concise, and instantly actionable, with zero fluff. 

We are looking at closing approximately $10 million in equity and revenue, in 2020 alone, due to your training. Thanks again for everything. "

Sam Smiley

"The ingenious advice in the Zshark course and your involvement in achieving my dreams this year will result in millions in profits and have made my billion dollar business venture achievable. 

Thanks again Ziad. Your course is brilliant."

Amanda Besemer

 "I LOVE Ziad’s straightforward and real detailed approach to business. He is like the ultimate surgeon in finance. So fresh and empowering advice beside the fact that he is always accessible and his advice priceless. 

I went from having a small company to leading a cutting-edge biomedical company into rapid growth. Phenomenal. So happy to be on board of the ZShark course. Worth every dollar spent."  

Abdo Maroun

"Unlike other programs, his approach is holistic, a system and not sporadic ideas picked by reading other books. Ziad core message is that a culture can influence business climate consequently one's destiny is shaped. 

Finishing this program, I hope this will give me new insights or proper mindset that can help in reshaping a better future."

Sylvia Heins 

"This class is a 10 out of 10 and I would recommend it to anyone who would be comfortable with brutal honesty in the service of owning his or her personal sovereignty and freedom of mind and money."

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