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Course Attendee Testimonials

"Ziad, Your MasterMind Course has been truly transformational and is sincerely the best money I've ever spent for the immense value therein. Everything in the course is clear, concise, and instantly actionable, with zero fluff. We are looking at closing approximately $10 million in equity and revenue, in 2020 alone, due to your training. Thanks again for everything. "
-Jeffrey Sokol

"I bought the course because I am trying to surround myself with successful people. I need all the mentorship and help I can get to get where I want to be. I am starting a holding company and I need help finding investors so I can start our portfolio. I grew up poor, and even though I have a doctor’s title I am still not where I want to be, I have student loans, I want to have a family and help my parents. I admire Ziad because like many others who have succeeded in the American Dream he comes from nothing and has a similar success story like my other mentor Dan Peña which I am sure you’ve heard of. I want to get my holdings company to be worth several billion dollars, I cannot do this alone. I want to help others, by giving them a decent job, helping struggling communities and schools, battered women, and educating others in the importance of us keeping our freedoms and Ziad is the perfect match for me in financing my dreams given his extensive track record in the field. I’ve learned that most of the problems start with our own mindset. Thank you Ziad for making it all happen."
-Henry Silvestriz

"I bought this course because I wanted to see another perspective on how to better focus on conversations, including negotiations for closes. What I didn't want was any motivational speakers giving me anecdotes b/c they woke up in a bathtub and realized their life was terrible. I didn't need motivation. I needed ideas, real life strategies, tactics, and focus...and from someone who has been there and done that and learned from failure to succeed. I wanted a no BS, no non-sense approach from a proven deal maker was what I wanted. After I spoke to Ziad on the phone, my belief was galvanized that the approach I wanted was what I will get and I did. Ziad taught me how to get the kind of freedom that helps me find effective ways to teach people to think rather than being programmed by misguided educators/parents/celebrities/social media which has damaged young minds.
Brilliant course I recommend to anyone
-Michael Hundley

"Dear Ziad, I am writing to you to say Thank You! In the last ten years I have made a few very bad business mistakes that I let knock me down, destroy my spirit and have been existing to go along to get along. Reading through your material, your attitude, powerful insight, your wisdom made me do a lot of self examination,made me think a lot. It truly awakened me and was the kick in the ass I needed to get my mindset back to the old me,that nothing can stop me and that there is nothing I cannot achieve If I want it bad enough.
-Kereakos Zuras

"Until I joined ZSHARK my business hit a ceiling and we were making $3-5mm per year. I wanted to evolve as a business and the program has been instrumental in getting us to the next level, which is on track to our first year over $10mm. I am grateful to be part of the ZSHARK group and thankful for the wisdom and support Ziad provides."   
-Ed Rogan

"I purchased Ziad Abdelnour’s course to gather further intelligence on him, his philosophies, and his office.
I am currently solving one of the largest problems on the planet both from a government and civilian standpoint, and I would be ignorant to not access all the help I can get. While I have a large VC and Family Office network, it is my preference to work with a firm that has enough balls and intelligence to successfully operate and invest from an informed perspective. Ziad mentioned in his course the “Kabal” which leads me to believe that he does possess the informed perspective I am looking for. I find this to be rare and valuable, as one of my company's advantages is access to information that the majority do not have. My desired situation is to build a successful working relationship with Ziad and his office, and to be the best investment he has ever made both monetarily and emotionally. The biggest thing I have taken from his course; is confirmation of who he is as a businessman."
-Hunter Bjork

"Thank you Ziad for this incredible course. I’ve been beating around the bush about the world of corporate finance for years. This course showed me the path to build a strong team of sharks and go after the big game.
Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me, and more important, your attitude and philosophy. Now, making multi-million dollars a year is suddenly a very realistic goal for me - this is my first step, and then I’m going for the billions! "
-Paul Vancea

"Dear Ziad, It was a pleasure to enroll in your private inner circle masterclass. The modules had some deep thinking content and your no nonsense delivery was very very refreshing and made me want more. There needs to be more mentors like you who are dedicated to take people to their desired level and not just collect a paycheck from membership fees. I could relate to you in your videos and felt like you were talking to me direct, I am looking forward to a long business and friendship with you and to also become the Shark I am craving globally in business. Get the other tadpoles out of the way, the great white from down-under means business!"
-Jacob Galea

"When I first talked to Dawn Hunter about the ZSHark course, I knew nothing about the course or that nothing like this existed and also that I would be apart of a team which is hard for me to wrap my mind around at times because I see so many on the team who already got skin in the game and I'm starting from the bottom. When I talked to Ziad that day he gave me some of that fire that I lost. When he asked me what do I have to lose I chose to move forward not knowing exactly where this would lead me but I knew I had to do something different. What I really want is the knowledge of those like Ziad who made it big time and know exactly the steps of how to get more money than I can count, not just for myself, but also who can help others starting with my children and grandchildren. I want to discover my purpose in life and live that out to fulfill a pledge I made long ago. I need to know what and how to do it as he did. I really want his mentorship. I know that will help me be a better father, husband, and world changer. Thanks Ziad for all you are doing."  
-Durwood Muhammad

"I wanted in as soon as I heard about Zshark. A chance to learn Ziad’s edge and bonus how to weed out fraudsters, liars and scammers… YES!! It truly is WHO you know. Ziad is the real deal and always on point. You know exactly where you stand. Integrity, trust, honor, loyalty, and fiduciary… Lawsuits and school of hard knocks are lame, costly, time/resource stealers. Need I say more? You’re in the right place at the right time. There is no better revenge than success, beating pitfalls and reaching $1B status. Run don’t walk to get your Zshark course"
-Joule Gutierrez, Dulcinea Development Group, llc.

"This is an amazing course… Never seen anything like this before. Before joining the ZShark course I was powerless over my finances and profits. I was giving away too much of myself and was not really getting anything done. This course was a rude awakening for me in giving me not only purpose but clear cut direction of what it takes to create wealth. Mr. Abdelnour is frankly a genius at deal making and should be listened to. My life has truly turned around and I am taking mental leaps and getting shit done that was taking my energy. I want my customers to succeed and they are. My mantra now is - care is action and results - Love my new life."
-Griet Vandenhouweele

"The main reason I bought this course was because my desire to work with Ziad on multi-million dollar deals and better understand how he operates and negotiates deals. The art of a great relationship is understanding the person you’re in a relationship with. I also always support my friends in their ventures. What have I learnt since being involved? Learned from Ziad the art of not holding back on his opinions and conviction. The guy is a master at it. I love it. Where am I or my business is now since being involved? Closer than ever of building a billion dollar business overnight. No better master at that than the man himself: Ziad Abdelnour Great course"
-David Wilcox

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